B4PLASTICS is a Belgian scale-up tech company designing, developing and distributing eco-plastic products. Tomorrow's sustainable world will increasingly require the use of local, renewable and/or biodegradable resources, and that is exactly what the company starts already today. This way, B4plastics products guarantee a pioneering novel balance between price, quality, functionality and sustainability.

The main mission of B4Plastics is to catalyse the introduction of novel bio-materials in niche to bulk applications, thereby improving the ecology of the materials in terms of sourcing, logistics, consumer awareness, and/or end-of-life options. For bridging this mission to our consumers, we rephrase often as: “We want to make it easier for people to bring their relationship with everyday plastics to a higher ecological level.”

The company fulfils this mission in a way that is not mainstream: by combining (i) pioneering know-how about (bio)chemical sourcing of novel biobased building blocks, with (ii) expertise in converting these building blocks to functional materials up to multi-ton scale, novel materials can be obtained with new combinations of functionalities.